Project Description

Besides the holy river Ganga the most beautiful city on the bank, deeply rooted in spirituality must overwhelm your spirit: Varanasi is nothing but a zone of temples, lanes, huge heritage buildings over ghats and considered as Older than History. People have belief, this city is the house of Lord Siva and his unending blessings are still present to rescue from perils. For a detailed study of the place, one must stroll down the lanes of Varanasi. The scene can tempt every single soul. Temples, sweetmeat shops, bhajans (songs offer to god) sung by locale, several shops and Banarsi Paan (specially made betel leaf), cows, aghoris and their attire will astound in every step. Varanasi’s 88 ghats: in them, Manikarnika Ghat is used in cremation, Dashashyamedh Ghat is one of the biggest. It is really an auspicious opportunity to capture Varanasi in frames. The city has so many things to amaze one. The morning ceremony at the ghats; evening prayers with lighted lamps, chanting of slokas, huge crowds admiring and singing, swaying the flower decorated lamps on the Ganges: a spectacular scene over the darkening water of the Ganga—Where visitors and devotees sail away from their prayers to Maa Ganga.In another aspect, this city dominates the industry by making Muslin and silk fabrics, perfumes and sculpture. Ivory works also get noticed here. In spite of this, Benaras Hindu University (BHU) is another center of attraction as an education hub. Hindusthani Classical Sangeet of Benaras Gharana, kathak dance forms enrich the culture of Varanasi.Benaras or Varanasi has a phenomenal, unusual charm over the photographers and tourists. The sacredness, spiritualism, mysticism carry away your mind to think about and praise. Everyday life becomes larger than life picture which has kept up the footprints of ancient time in the motion of modern society.