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Project Description

Mostly found in West Bengal rural areas. The tribal people of several districts engage in Snake Fair or Jhapan Festival. The festival occurs in August when the monsoon is in full throttle considering the birth of their offspring. To ask blessings of Devi Manasa (the snake goddess) saperas or snake charmers blow their Bean for tempting the poisonous snakes. It is their trick or technic to please the folk goddess Manasa, believed as the ill-tempered, frantic daughter of Lord Shiva. This is mainly celebrated in Bishnupur, an ideal place of terracotta art and Khedaitala at Chakdaha in Nadia district. This Fair is about asking Devi Manasa’s pity and boon to get extreme crops over the year. People arrive from numerous places to see the ritual and pray to Manasa Devi for well fertility.