Project Description

It is often referred as a place of desolation and isolation but Rajasthan has many things to have a look. Rajasthan means the land of Rajas specifically The Land of Rajputs. You cannot imagine, besides dessert, there are so many to find out. This place is filled up with unlikely cultures, arts, and crafts. It will blow away your mind after observing such craftsmanship in entire Rajasthan. There is a unique idea of craftsmanship can be seen mostly described as the Minakari or kundan works on jewellery, precisely found in Jaipur which has a large market in entire city and state. Rajasthan is mainly famous for miniature crafting on woods, rice grains–That is a presentation of artisans’ hard work and intense concentration. Various printing textiles are found working: there are so many colours and methods in making dyed and printed sarees, salwar, scarfs, turbans or other clothes: which the artists carry on through generations. Apart from this karigari, Rajasthan is too beautiful as it has extremely beautiful Forts. Hence, this is called Land of Forts. Those are at the same time surprising, awesome and mysterious.If getting a chance to go far away from this brighter part of Rajasthan, make some introduction with the rural folk and tribal (gypsies) at Puskar. This place is well known for its Camel Fair—People come from far away villages for selling and buying and one can reveal the harder life of gipsies. They are truly interesting part of Rajasthan touring. Their lives are completely dependent on tourists. They perform with folk songs and dance as well. Their presence truly enhances the culture of the state.Rajasthan is not about Pink City or colors, festivals, beautiful tombs or shrines all over the state, it is the story about common people who have brought out the different meaning of life.