Project Description

Landscapes: the treasure of nature. In India, there is vast landscape. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari: by the ranges of the Himalayas to Annamalai; from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh there are so many extraordinary examples of nice landscapes. The devouring eyes of mine naturally go with the unlikely beauty of nature which she serves in front of me. Usually, I like colours all over and nature provides me what I want during my travelling. The allure of nature fascinates me all the time: I become romantic. This feeling stimulates in me for globalising my view about this beautiful earth. It is my personal belief that landscape photography bestows and translates a positive attitude towards our nature; make people think and discover the untold mysteries. Nature is the sole giver that is unforgettable. Photography of landscapes helps in assuming an area vividly, that helps in securing nature and increase respect, hope, affection in us. As a great fine art, photography acts as a gateway to larger outlook about from where we are or we inhabit