Project Description

The city of joy—Kolkata is the heart of West Bengal. It is considered as the place of union. It is the largest city in the eastern part of India. It was founded by a British Merchant Job Charnock, who came here for trading. For easy trading, this city was founded with three villages—Kolikata, Sutanuti, and Gobindapur. From then to today, Kolkata is preferred as a collaboration of history, tradition, culture, art and modern living. 300 years and Kolkata is modifying herself with the modern times. Kolkata former Calcutta is situated on the east bank of river Hooghly. Kolkata becomes an attraction to the visitors from several places for the ages as it never compromises in accepting different cultures or people. By the time it nourishes to get more familiar and attractive to her own people and to foreigners. To the visitors, it has presented marvellous examples of art, in the same way, the regular life of Kolkata is too much exciting. To discover the city one must get acquainted with everyday life—the football or cricket match in weekends, the tanga riding beside Ganga, the tram riding on weekends or festive seasons, hand-pulled rickshaw ( tana rikshaw) going into the lanes, the traditional houses with huge gates and pillars, wide lobbies( chatals) have remarkable appeal.  Being the third most populated city in India, it possesses many religions, festivals, food habits. Kolkata looks different whenever it gets ready for occasions like Durga puja—so many sounds, crowd, hurriedness; lights, fireworks on Kali puja; either it is Eid or Christmas, city overwhelms itself with unexpected zeal. People get attracted to the city for its seasonal charms—take bath in Ganga in summer, rain-soaked evening and eating Fuchka, Maidan strolling in winter or color pouring spring, large landscapes these impress not only Kolkatans but also tourists from all over the world.Kolkata is a matter of appreciation. The whole Bangaliana theme is associated with every single person living in Kolkata. Music and art are undivided part of this city– Classical music or Rabindra sangeet Kolkata is comfortable. Kumartolis or modern paintings it appreciates of being itself. Kolkata is not built in a day so discovering its every aspect is at same time breathtaking and inspiring.