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Project Description

After the glorious end of Durga Puja, People of Bengal engage in adulating Devi Jagadhatri. In Eastern region of India mainly two states are engaged in worshipping the goddess Jagadhatri – West Bengal and Odissa. Goddess Jagadhatri is the benevolent incarnation of Durga: completely a goddess of peace. Historically, Raja Krishnachandra of Nadia started popularisation of this goddess after losing the chance to worship Devi Durga. Not only in Krishnagar, Nadia but also Chandannagar has received a significant place in idolizing the goddess. The city is in a hurry in making pandals, decorations. Chandannagar city is mainly famous for its beautiful lighting, enormous idols of Devi and luxury. The lightings are so famous that attract travellers to look. A vast area is drenched in lights, crowd and sounds, music and high spirits. Schools, colleges are closed for the five days of celebration. The contribution of the locals is recognisable. Every single committee or club wants to present traditional, ethnic but innovation in their preparation and presentation. Devotees come from the entire state and other several neighbouring states. People celebrate it as second Durgotsav.