Project Description

Gajan is a  religious ritual and most popular in some rural areas of Bengal and in Odissa is seen in the month of Chaitra (March) according to Hindu calendar. Through the last two weeks of month Chaitra, people celebrate Gaajan as to offer their belief, satisfaction to their respected god. This festival is associated to praise and please Lord Shiva. According to Hindu Puran, Lord Shiva is a god of the destroyer, so these people invoke fear in them to destroy with the blessings and belief. There are two types of devotees—Some pierce their lips and cheeks and other pierce their abdominal portion and dance. Some bamboo structures are made very high to swing on and to do risky stunts. Beside this, there is another type of entertainment. People take disguise as their gods and take part in mythological stories by performing in street plays. Colours, sounds, fun, prayers, respect, and heartiness can be seen in one place. Gaajan highlights a different level of prayer. In one hand it presents sacrifice and on the other satisfaction to please God.