Project Description


While travelling with my camera I do make films. In my idea, films are an essential part in defining intrinsic feelings and most effective too. Videos or films are considered as an effective example of communication with the world or a particular place. Videos are the outcome of a social picture of a place generally. It allows me in understanding the feelings as I have my videos to look frequently and ruminate my past experience. Videos are more just than words on paper, audio or still photographs. New and modern technology provides a photographer to record every single detail when I have travelled and when I look back, I look for those videos that have clear story and a way to get connected with that world beyond your imagination.To me, India is a unique country with so many diversities—people, religion, language, costumes, festivals, foods and also in living life. It has a historical background and were supposed to be the birthplace of all language. Having legendary, traditional resources India become a landmark for discussion and discovery. No one finds so many opportunities to explore the vast area contrast. One can experience such pleasure by travelling from a range of the Himalayas to Kanyakumari, or from hectic New Delhi to calm and cool banks of river Ganga. This difference moves me much. I look for such unexpected contrast all over my country. People should experience nature and give time to devour this beauty.India is Incredible! And it gets proved in every step. India is mixed up with tradition and modern culture never hesitates in accepting foreigners or foreign culture…and videos show the story of acceptance. Historical monuments take the breath away of the vacationers whenever they see the monument of Love The Tajmahal or Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, neo-classical building by British; the temple city Varanasi (Kashi) to the city of fort – Jaipur. India is also the land of spices and Ayurveda, tourist can taste flavours of India in every food corners and wondrous effect of Ayurveda and Yoga in treatment. India gives chances to her visitors to explore what is new in her. Colourful festivals, busy to deserted roads, temples to playgrounds– possess an inconceivable beauty to discover. And India remains still with remarkable bliss to be discovered again and again by the beholders.