Project Description

Festivals mean communion of various people, religious, events, purposes, colours, lights: festivals bring along happiness, a relief from assiduous life. It is an association of mainly religious, cultural purposes. And India is definitely a country of festivals from the ancient times with varied religious diversity. It is exciting to the travellers to photograph at the time of festivals. These kinds of gatherings thoroughly say about the local culture, customs, people, attires and also a vast opening to learn the distinctive nature of a place. For a photographer, it is an ideal place to learn how to portray an image in foreign setup and execute colour in it. Though ideal, it is the same way difficult to capture. If one notices, it is an ocean of colours and motions and a keen photographer is naturally moved by such colour variations. There are colourful costumes, crafts, foods, cosmetics, merchandise and colourful people with amusing characters. So getting a perfect shot is like needle in a haystack. Photography in such large crowd is difficult because it may provide one a fraction of a moment for capturing the subject. Too much haste. Finding an interesting subject, focusing, setting zoom and finally click. Only an experienced and ready hands can take a perfect and great snap.