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Project Description

One of the fascinating festivals among the Bengalis is Durga Puja. In the most amazing season Autumn, Devi Durga has arrived with her offspring Kartik, Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswati. According to Hindu mythology Chandimangal, Devi was appointed to crush down the dynasty of Mahishasura. Lord Rama doted on Devi Mahamaya to get support from her in the battle with Ravana and win over him. In Hindu Puran, it is called’ Akalbodhon’. The preparation of celebration is a matter of appreciation. The whole state is in a hustle bustle. The capital city Kolkata becomes the centre of attraction—lights, decoration, crowd, buying and selling present a different side of Kolkata. Kumartulis become the creation hubs (Anturghar) of different looking idols. The preparations start since Rathayatra or one or two months before it. The busy schedule starts after bringing holy Ganga maati (soil) to the artisans’ houses. So many ready and busy hands take part in making Maa Durga’s look divine. They put so many colours, glitters, hard work to enhance Goddess’s eternal beauty. The city is fully soaked in extraordinary energy. Tourists from foreign districts, states or country can feel so much zeal and enthusiasm among the Kolkatans and respectively in Bengalis. Enormous pandals, idols, spectacular and gorgeous ornamentation, peoples’ support make the occasion successful. From North to South one can see emerging crowd all over this Metropolitan city. Townships also put the same effort in celebrating this five days occasion—pandals hopping, eating, new dresses, cultural functions, all are put together. The traditional rituals like—Bodhan, Kalabou snan, arati, sandhi puja, bhog distribution (offering of foods to the goddess), dadhikadma and last but not the least sindurkhela in five days Sasthi, Saptami, Asthami, Nabami and Dashami are performed respectively days with heartiness. In several countries, this Puja is celebrated but in Bengal, it has a sweetness and traditional flavour to mix up. People in West Bengal do not worship a goddess they welcome their loving daughter in her parental house (Baper Bari) with so much pomp and purity.