Project Description

India celebrates Diwali as a legacy of winning over evil. The light festival seems very interesting as the various places ceremonialize it with pomp and grandeur. Mythology says, after defeating the notorious devil Ravana, Lord Rama returned with his beloved wife Devi Sita fourteen years later and people of Ayodhya became overwhelmed, decorated their houses with clay lamps or Diyas. In India, Diwali has not one feature: various places, numerous ways of celebrating Diwali. Mainly in the month of Kartik Diwali is observed. If you sneak around North, west and East parts of India you experience the difference. Besides usual Diwali, Dev Dipawali is a sole festival mainly noticed in the city of Gods Varanasi. The whole river banks (88 ghats) and city become lighted up with thousands of diyas by avoiding electric lights. In the west, Jaipur in Rajasthan: the Pink City overflows with light. The markets participate in the peculiar competition of decorating lights by collecting money and spend all over the decoration. Not only the roads but also all the forts, Jal Mahal, The World Trade Park, Gaurav Tower look mesmerizing, fireworks fill the sky with light: become the world of fairy tales. The city of love, Kolkata has a completely distinctive picture during Diwali. One can see Deity Kali’s malevolent idols destroying the blood of Asuras and beneath her, Lord Siva is lying to calm her down. The city also brightens up with traditional pradip to LED lights. Chandni Chowk market has an unending supply of LEDs and people bargaining over it. Even households worship Lakshmi according to get rid of Alakshmi (rival of Devi Lakshmi) and fireworks are enjoyed everywhere by every single person. Diwali seems to be the occasion that goes beyond age or place.