Travel Photography  –  Sreeman Pal is a Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer & Blogger based in Kolkata India.Whose images juxtapose travel & nature with high fashion in their natural habitats.The symbolic power and the magic of sreeman’s visuals combine’s photographic art with the nature kingdom in perfect harmony.Traveling to unknown destinations and revealing, among other things, nature behind his objective, he sets out on an explorative fashion shoot in which the world of beauty blends with nature.The intensity of the relationship between humans and natures reveals a genuine force that attributes visuals.

Words by sreeman – Touring a new place is like exploring a new world to me. It is not a journey, collecting images is just my hobby. Whenever I travel, the running roads filled my mind with such romanticism…provokes me to capture the extraordinary art of nature. I never used to take those images as a souvenir but I like to explore a new dimension with my lenses. My genre of photography provides me several chances travelling to and fro. Wherever it is —East or West, North or South I go through all the way long for my longing to see, feel and to be amazed. Do you have any idea of time travelling? I’m sure you don’t. But it is like travelling through time over and over as much as you need. I freeze moments with the magic wand (camera) of mine. It helps me going down the memory lane. It makes me nostalgic all the time whenever I get a chance to look back. According to me, every single place of my travelling reveals its own special features like-Festivals, look, culture, history, people, their feelings, landscapes, stories, and legends. Capturing an image helps me to convey the essence of the place to the people. I love travelling remote places that I have never visited before, the beauty of the landscape energizes me….. I wake up early and stay out late, just to keep myself acquainted with such commonness. I always carry my camera during shooting on location or travelling, and I’d always do. For me, photography or a film is playing with colour; I think nature has painted so much and through the light and shadow the photography of mine found its way to communicate with others. I want my images must tell the people the story, what I have noticed.